Why Use Us?

Why work with The Walsh Group?

We only take on one new client at a time. We spend most of our time, resources and communications when we first start working with you. When you take advantage of “The Walsh Approach” you’ll establish a firm foundation of trust. Because we spend time upfront focusing on your business, we only take on one new client at a time. If we are a right fit for each other, you get our full attention as we enter into this trusted relationship.
We work on a flat fee project basis. No one likes surprises. We’ll give you a flat fee for each project that has come from our recommendations out of The Walsh Approach. And we break out our proposal in easy to understand phases. Not happy with any phase? We can end it right there-period! We’ll shake hands and learn. No long term contracts or getting trapped with someone you don’t like. Hey, we don’t want to work with anyone that isn’t happy. Life is too short.
We listen You know your customers. We know marketing. Together we can make a difference. We’ll try new things as long as they can be measured. And you can be assured, we will always base our decision based on solid market principles that have repeatedly worked for hundreds of clients over the last 30 years

Are we a good fit?

If your company…

  • Sees the competition out-promoting you
  • Is customer focused
  • Feels there are profitable opportunities for you but don’t know how to capture them
  • Is overwhelmed by all the new technology available
  • Has a sales team that is asking for more leads or better qualified ones
  • Isn’t sure where to put their marketing dollars
  • Is competing against larger companies with bigger budgets

It helps if your company…

  • Has long term goals and wants a program (not a project)
  • Believes in an integrated approach
  • Will allow us to manage your website
  • Is financially sound
  • Will put in the time needed to help us learn about your company
  • Is open and honest about sharing information
  • Is interested in learning


Relax We're On The World-Wide Interweb!

If you want…

  • Honest, straightforward professionals to work with you
  • White glove service at a reasonable cost
  • To learn how new technology/tools may or may not work for you
  • Experienced advice from nice people that don’t talk over your head
  • A company that will earn your trust through actions

Then we should talk!

Pat Walsh

Marketing Orchestrator | Pulling Sales & Marketing Resources into Alignment | ROI Measurements
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Peggie Walsh

Creative Director, Business Owner, Contributing Writer at The Huffington Post
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