Our company recently attended a seminar called “Web Optimization.” At first I thought it was going to be technical such as search engine techniques, embedding key words and how to “dynamically” program your site. To my surprise that was only a small part.  What I learned and wanted to share with you are the reasons why other companies attended, and what they wanted to get from the seminar. Each wrote down their objectives and posted them as follows:

  1. Creating good copy content that turns into conversions
  2. Learning the features of a modern website that is user friendly
  3. Getting more traffic to the site and more return visitors
  4. Building an easy to navigate site
  5. Designing a visually pleasing, less cluttered site
  6. More control over content and updates

I am glad to say each topic was touched upon. Some goals required new “applications” others required either design expertise, writing talent, or programming skills.  Yet all were do-able!

   What do you want from your Web site? Do you even know if it is working for you? The Walsh Group provides an analysis of your current site, this may give you a clear ideas of what is really happening.

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