You have probably heard the term…”Going Viral.” It sounds nasty doesn’t it? It has its roots in “a contagious disease being communicated.” However when that disease is a marketing message, your marketing message and it is spread to a larger and larger audience. It is a good thing.

So what are the ways to get your message to “go viral?” First off it needs to be original, not salesy. Think about the viral messages you have received, it was probably a joke, right? So another good ingredient for viral marketing is humor. Did you pass that joke on to your friends? It was pretty easy wasn’t it…another key ingredient… make it easy to share or view.

A good example, most marketers will cite the Old Spice commercials.  Yes they are selling a product yet they will have the attributes of a successful viral campaign. Like I said, originality, humor, easily shared, oh and the best… interesting visuals.

Other effective viral campaigns include quizzes (check out this one if you think you know geography: for freebies, giveaways, and lists. Think about Letterman’s Top Ten List and how many imitators have come along. Why? Because it works.

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