What Does It Cost?

We won’t know what our budget is until we figure out what you need and what you can actually afford. Spending more on marketing without doing a ROI analysis is like burning money…not a good idea. So when it comes to arriving at a cost, here’s some information about our pricing structure.

Our new clients start with “The Walsh Approach.”  It’s what we both need in order to delve into your company and understand your uniqueness, your product or service and most importantly your customers.  On an average that costs about $3,500 and you will receive a document stating what we have “discovered” about your company, good or bad. This document will include our marketing analysis and several suggestions where we believe you need to take your business.

Some of the suggestions may be projects, like a customer survey, an e-newsletter or website overhaul. Each project can then be priced out.  If we feel a project will be significantly over $2,500, we would suggest a monthly payment schedule. This would be in the case of a total rework of an e-commerce website which could cost as much as $20,000.

On the average our clients spend $40,000 – $100,000 annually on marketing.  This does not include their in-house sales or marketing personnel‘s salaries.

In our experience, there are more costs during the first two years of starting a new marketing program, product launch or rebranding campaign. From then, the costs move into a “maintenance” mode, and we can use many of your internal resources if you’d like.

We take a position called “The Marketing Orchestrator” when it comes to implementing our Approach. This is best described by a passage from Wikipedia regarding integrated marketing:


…it weaves together multiple marketing disciplines (paid advertising, public relations, promotion, owned assets, and social media) that are selected and then executed to suit the particular goals of the brand. …integrated marketing (i.e. The Marketing Orchestrator)leverages each communication channel’s intrinsic strengths to achieve a greater impact together than each channel could achieve individually…..This concept inherently provides added benefits that include: a singular/synchronized brand voice and experience, cost efficiencies generated through creativity and production, and provides opportunities for added value and bonus.

Client Perception

Simply put, you could purchase each service “a la carte” and manage them separately, or use let’s say The Marketing Orchestrator. Our plan is a holistic. We develop the marketing strategies and programs that include many different specialties. If you put it in construction terms, we would be considered a general contractor and individual services are like sub-contractors.

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