If you think Social Media has to eat up hours of your day, then put yourself on a diet. Well more like a time schedule.

First, decide the primary tools you want to use for your Business Social Media Marketing.  Or, if you already have social media in place, decide which ones are working.  For me it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. However, Google + is starting to climb the charts in popularity.

Once you have a social media presence, establish your time frame. Are you a morning person, or do you prefer the end of day? Set a time frame. I suggest between fifteen and thirty minutes per day – max! Then you should break down that time in order of priority for your business.

Here is an example of how I see it working:

LinkedIn: Review the latest articles posted that are relevant to your industry or line of business, or that you feel your “influencers” might find interesting. Comment on them, or share them. Expand your network (invite people in). Update your profile.
TIME: 3-5 minutes

Next, Facebook: Scan your wall for any new comments, questions or posts.  Respond; especially to questions. Post updates if necessary and remove any expired offers.
TIME: 5-7 minutes

Twitter: Hopefully you are using Hoot Suite or Tweet Deck  and if you have put in hash tags, read what is going on. This is a great “listening” device. Tweet or retweet something you found of interest. Also, have a few other tweets scheduled to be sent out automatically. CAUTION: be sure to monitor current events. You do not want to send an irrelevant tweet while an “eclipse” is occurring. It happens!
TIME: 4-6 minutes

YouTube: Okay, here is where you can really get caught up watching stuff just for the “fun of it!” If you have a YouTube Channel, monitor it. See if you have comments, and respond. If you have new videos, update them. If you do find a relevant video, Tweet it!
TIME 5-10 minutes

If this is all too much for you, develop an in-house social media department. Or, there are companies that will supply these services for you. Note: you will need to be involved and monitor.

What to do if you have leftover time: BLOG, and start from step one the next day.

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