Most of the people reading this post will say “Rod Who?”  Well, long before the Twilight vampires there was The Twilight ZONE (circa 1959-1964)!

I caught an episode on SyFy Channel the other night in which Rod Serling wrote about the future. His prediction was that books would be obsolete, and because books were obsolete so would libraries and thus librarians. This being the case, if you were a librarian, you needed to be eliminated. This elimination was done by a televised execution. Heavy!

Rod made another very poignant point in this story.  Simply stated, all clergy were obsolete because the “state” ruled that there was no God, and since the clergy’s job was to preach the word of God, all clergy were obsolete and eliminated. I couldn’t believe that CBS actually aired this show in the late 50’s, early 60’s. Rod must have had “Klout” with the studio. I read a Rod Serling interview with Mike Wallace regarding censorship where Rod stated:

“I don’t want to have to battle sponsors and agencies. I don’t want to have to push for something that I want and have to settle for second best. I don’t want to have to compromise all the time, which in essence is what a television writer does if he wants to put on controversial themes.”

Getting back to the concept of books being obsolete, Rod was not that far off. We may soon see the end of the printed book. Will libraries be far behind? How many of you received a Kindle for Christmas? Just saying!

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