Having gone through a paperless world and Y2K I have a built-in resistance to cries of “everything is going to change.” However, in the book “The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything” Michael Saylor makes very factual observations that certainly caught my attention. It also becomes more believable as I see these observations reflected in my own world, as follows:

1. Buying an item will be as easy as pointing our mobile device to scan and pay.  A short time ago my computer “geek” fixed my wife’s iPad and then ran my credit card through his iPhone. A receipt was sent directly to me via email. It didn’t matter where he was; as long as he had his phone, he could take a payment.

2. Portable medical records? Not yet in my world until security is worked out (HIPAA Regulations).

3. Social Media – I check my Facebook and text my friends on my Droid while watching TV. Why crank up the laptop just two feet away? And there was the “Arab Spring” revolution where the protestors kept up with what was going on using Social Media (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2012/09/2012919115344299848.html). Pretty impressive. And I didn’t know that 97% of the world has access to mobile phones because of low cost infrastructure, better battery life, etc. Makes sense.

OK, I get it. It’s coming and it’s big and I’ll have to learn more. But when I thought about it, I was listening to the audio book on my SmartPhone and later in the day I downloaded a flashlight app. Then I thought about how the insurance claim for damage to our vacation cottage is still done through paper. Not quite the “Destruction of paper” that Saylor talks about in his book. Lots of paper. Endless paper.

Then of course I get dozens of emails flooding my inbox from mobile app developers (wouldn’t it be nice if they had one of those for insurance claims?) and I have to make sure my clients’ websites look presentable on mobile and iPads.

So I stay alert and keep moving forward. The sky may not be falling but I’m keeping my head up and eyes wide open on this one. Mobile devices are transforming us, one day at a time.

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