In my first blog post, I told you that a small business blog helps you build creditability and shows consumers you’re knowledgeable about the products/services you’re selling. Well, in addition to that, did you know there are other ways to earn money with your blog? It’s true, and today I’m going to reveal four of what I believe is the best ways to earn an additional income with your small business blog.

Sell Advertising

Some small business blog owners sell advertising space to other bloggers as well as website owners. Most small business bloggers who sell advertising place banner ads in the sidebar on the right side of their blogs, and they usually position those ads near the top. You decide which size banner ads you want to place on your blog, and then you set the price that you want to charge others to advertise on your blog. If your blog gets lots of traffic, you can charge $20.00 or more per month, and if your blog’s still new or doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic, $5.00 a month seems to be a fair rate; you can increase that rate as your blog continues to grow.

Before you decide whether or not you want to sell advertising space on your small business blog, here are three things you should consider: The ad, of course, should be relevant to your blog, some who want to purchase advertising space on your blog could be your competition, and finally, even though this method of earning an additional income with your blog can bring in a decent amount of income, you don’t want to fill your blog with too many ads. If a blogger places too many ads on their blog, those ads can be distracting to your readers and actually cause you to lose traffic.

Offer a Paid Membership Section

Once your blog begins to get a substantial amount of traffic and you know your readers are enjoying the advice you’re sharing, consider launching a paid membership section. This section should include premium content that is ONLY available to members who will pay you a small monthly fee.

The articles in your paid membership section needs to be better than the free advice you usually share on your small business blog. Believe it or not, some readers are willing to pay a small fee every month to gain access to better articles that reveal more secrets.

Write and Sell Webinars and eBooks

Webinars and eBooks not only help you earn additional income with your small business blog, but they’re a great way to continue to share your expertise.

After you’ve written a webinar and/or eBook, price it reasonably. Both sell better when they’re not overpriced.

Market Merchandise That Displays Your Logo

As you probably know by now, a small business blog helps you build your brand and shows consumers you’re experienced, which helps increase sales. Well, did you know t-shirts, hats, mousepads and other merchandise with your logo and tagline on them helps your brand as well? It does, and selling these products via a link from your blog is another way to earn money.

There are countless ways to earn an additional income with your small business blog, but rather than write a lengthy post that you’d probably not read in its entirety, I decided to share four of the best ways I know to earn more money with your small business blog.

Personally, I currently enjoy just sharing information that I know will help you succeed in business, and that’s why you won’t see the aforementioned methods applied on this blog. Later, I may decide I want to earn more money with my blog and execute some or all of these ways to do just that, but for now, I prefer to concentrate on giving you advice that I hope and pray brings you success.

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