While I was driving the other day, I passed through a residential area and two boys were sitting at a table with a pitcher and large styrofoam cups.  It’s not a well trafficked road, and I could feel their eyes on me as I approached.  Of course, for me it was a nostalgic flashback to my sister and I sitting in front of our house with our own lemonade stand, waiting for the magic moment when we would land a sale.  We’d wait till we made 50 cents (10 glasses at 5 cents each), then we’d close up shop and go down to the Dairy Queen to eat our spoils.  Naturally, I pulled over. It was inevitable. I had to pull over.  I could not pass by the dreams, and the hopes.  I pulled up to the curb and one of the boys, ran right up to the car and said, “Would you like a small or large?”  Impressed with their sense of product offerings and different price points, I asked, “What is the price difference?” 50 cents for small, $1 for large.  I’ll take a small (I don’t even like lemonade).  With a look of seriousness and determination, he went back to the table to give his partner the order. I watched as, with great purpose, they poured lemonade into half of the cup and then delivered it carefully to my car.  I paid the boy 50 cents. “Thank you,” he said.  As I looked in my rear view mirror, they were both gathered around the two quarters like magic had just happened. I was flooded with genuine emotion, as I thought of all the adults who stopped to buy my ragtag lemonade.  Knowing now they didn’t do it for the lemonade, (God knows they had Kool-Aid at home), but to support my sister and I.  Just like I was doing for the two boys.  And for that reason, I entreat you to never pass up a kid’s lemonade stand.  You could be nurturing the next Bill Gates. Pass it forward.

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