I must get at least 15 emails a day about “social media” and how it’s changing the landscape of marketing. Yikes! I don’t want to get left behind.  Yet, in the last two social media seminars I attended, almost all of the examples shown were consumer products and services. Most of my clients sell to other businesses.  So we’re still finding our way. 

That doesn’t mean social media has no role for business-to-business.  One area that stands out for my clients is using a blog, or even facebook as a support service medium.   Posting articles, photos, quick how-to videos, and answering questions can all happen in real time. You don’t have to wait to go thru the webmaster to post an article to your blog.   And a big bonus is you can have your customers help each other.  Now you’re creating a community. 

The most importance thing to do is to listen to the dialogue.  Reply.  Get involved.  Show you care.   If you want to purchase an aerospace gizmo, the website provides all the specs.  But if you want to join a conversation about engineering that gizmo, then a blog may be right for your company.

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