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But first, what is SEO?
Sexy SEO or [Successful] Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from the “free” or “natural” results produced by a variety of search engines. All online search engines show their results in a specific order, based on a ranked listing that is determined by an individualized algorithm. Each engine’s algorithm takes into account words, titles, links, words in the links, and the reputation of each site listed. For a better understanding of how sexy SEO works, refer to the video link here:

What Is SEO?

To further explain the various factors that are taken into account when ranking search engine results, we will refer to the Periodic Table of Success Factors (below). The table can be broken down into three main groups; On-The-Page SEO, Off-The-Page SEO, and Violations. The different “elements” on the table can be identified by a two letter identification. The first letter represents the subgroup the “element” falls under, while the second letter represents the factor itself. For example, the “element” Cq represents Content Quality.

the periodic table of seo success factors

(Source: www.http://searchengineland.com)

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