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Case Study – Website Redesign – Senior Transition Services

Our re-branding and redesign of Senior Transition Services’ took 2 months and 4 meetings with Marlene Stocks, the company’s owner (plus some training time on the Content Management System so Marlene could continue to update the website). This is not a lot of time but we made sure to use it wisely. As Marlene says, “When we first met, you asked pertinent questions about my goals and listened to my ideas.” When redesigning a website, it’s important to ask the right questions from the beginning so we can identify key goals and not waste anyone’s time.

website redesign website redesign

When Marlene first came to us, Senior Transition Services’ website could have been described as web 1.0- it was static and text heavy. She told us she wanted her website to be a “modern marketing tool that would tell our story and invite visitors to learn more about the services we passionately offer our clients.” With this in mind, we targeted the following key areas to include in our redesign.

1. We developed an image slider for Senior Transition Services, which we placed front and center in their new website layout. This helped to make the site more visually appealing, removing the strain for visitors who previously had to deal with dense blocks of text. It also helped the website to appear more dynamic, eliminating a sense of stagnancy.logo redesign

2. We created a new logo for Senior Transition Services as part of the overall re-branding process. This logo had to speak to the company’s values and overall purpose- they’re keen to communicate the caring nature of the work they do, so the soft colored love hearts work well. The website’s color scheme was developed with the new branding in mind.

3. We created a new tagline– “Relocating your life with compassion”. This tagline was exactly what the company needed. It stressed compassion in an emotional time, which is important for their customers. It also helped to convey personalization. Added to this, it worked very well with the logo we designed- we made sure these elements made sense together because cohesion is an important part of the re-branding process.

4. We made sure to include testimonials in both text and video format, which were previously lacking from the website. This enhanced credibility. Video is also an attractive format for the average website visitor.

5. Action items were a hugely important element that we wanted to include on the new website. Senior Transition Services’ old website suffered from a lack of focus; we knew that directing visitors’ attention toward obvious buttons for taking key steps would be helpful. The “Free Consultation” button on the home page works much better than a phone number in small text hidden in a contact page.

6. Keeping the website constantly updated is important to maintaining its effectiveness. Marlene knew this and, unlike on her old website, she wanted a site she could update easily herself. We provided her with a few hours training in the Content Management System we used so that she wouldn’t have to rely on us for every little thing she wanted to update.

We redesigned this website from scratch, including on-page Search Engine Optimization to boost its appearance in search results and all the elements listed above. That’s how we went from before to after in 2 months and 4 meetings.

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