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Pat & Peggie

The Beginning

I fell in love with Peggie after being cast as Fred Astaire in a local revue. Peggie was, of course, Ginger Rogers. Seems like it was just yesterday. We also performed with an improvisational comedy troupe for four years, and loved being together. Peggie was an experienced Graphic Designer and I was a copywriter and marketing guy.

We decided that we wanted to spend as much time together as we could. And we wanted to do something we loved. From the beginning we believed that by connecting our thinking, our talents, and our values, we would make a positive impact on the dreams of our clients.

Our team

Pat Walsh, Marketing Consultant & Partner

Since 1981, Pat’s marketing and advertising savvy –– along with his thorough understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship –– have helped The Walsh Group to thrive, and over 100 clients to prosper. He has long been a proponent of using Web site and traditional promotional thinking to create cohesive, hard-working marketing programs. And he is true believer that marketing should always generate a measurable ROI.  Skills: marketing strategies, copywriting, search engine optimization. Pat is a true Renaissance man: Businessman, philosopher, writer, actor, dancer and theatrical director. All talents which help generate and nurture the many and varied creative solutions he brings to his clients.

Peggie Walsh, Creative Director and Partner

Soon after Peggie graduated magna cum laude from Moore College of Art, she joined Pat in business, and in marriage. She embraced computer technology in its infancy, and using it as a tool to express her remarkable talents in design and art direction, has created an outstanding portfolio of effective, result-oriented work for each of the Agency’s clients (although she is equally adept with pencil and Magic Marker).  Skills: design, creative concepts, drawing, illustration, photography, video, layout, production value. Peg’s tasteful sense of design flows over into her personal life as well.

Our Values have never changed

Just as important as what we do, is how we work with people. Here’s what we stand for:

Transparency – we do our best to keep customers and prospects informed of all the aspects and details that are important for the project’s flow and success.

Business Ethics – if we give our word, you can be sure we will keep it.

Friendship – also caring, commitment and personal relationships. We discovered that, regarding relationships with business partners and with colleagues, the most successful and rewarding way of approaching them is through friendship relations.

Partnership – we are involved in our client’s long-term success, more than in our own. We are dedicated to helping our clients gain as much value as possible from our interaction. Our material gain comes second.

Mutual Respect – we respect you and treat you like a professional and expect the same in return!

Looking forward to working with you.

Pat and Peggie Walsh

Pat Walsh

Marketing Orchestrator | Pulling Sales & Marketing Resources into Alignment | ROI Measurements
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Peggie Walsh

Creative Director, Business Owner, Contributing Writer at The Huffington Post
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Jesse Beaty

Data Scientist & Search Engine Marketer
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