If you read my last post, I listed six topics you could use as a springboard to start blogging. Here are the remaining six ideas that may help stimulate your creativity.

7. Case Studies

When you’ve reached another level of success, or helped a client or customer reach success, write a case study about it. Your case study should tell who gained success, what steps they took to get there, how long it took and the results.

8. News

Whether you’ve added a new product to your inventory, helped a client or customer in some way, and/or received a great testimonial or review, share the news on your blog. You don’t want to make a habit of tooting your own horn, but every now and then shouldn’t drive readers or customers away. In fact, your news may inspire them.

Anytime you attend a company event or an event related to your business, that’s also news. In addition, you could include pictures of the event with your post.

9. Lists

List posts are great blog pieces! For example, if you sell products, you could do a post on 10 memorable Valentine’s Day gifts (mentioning some of your products, of course). Do you sell computer software? Consider mentioning some of the software you sell that will help businesses. If you’d rather offer advice related to your industry, share 10 tips (e.g. 10 ways to gain repeat business).

10. Trends

Toward the end of the year, many bloggers share their predictions for the upcoming year. For instance, search engine optimization (SEO) companies like to predict what changes will take place in relation to SEO or social media. You could state your own predictions related to your business.

11. Opinion Posts

Bloggers usually read other blogs related to theirs, and often times they find themselves agreeing or disagreeing with the authors of those blogs. If you come across a post on someone else’s blog that you agree or disagree with, feel free to state in a blog post of your own why you agree or disagree with them. When you do, be sure to credit the other blogger with a link back to the post that you agreed or disagreed with.

12. Guest Posts

Are you planning a vacation or short on ideas? Invite your customers and other entrepreneurs in your industry to write a post on your blog. In return for them writing a post for your blog, you’ll place a short bio, which they’ll provide, at the end of their guest post.

I hope these 12 topic ideas for your business blog will help you get started. As you continue blogging, look for more ideas to follow. Remember, you want to attract customers as well as get them to trust you enough to invest in your products or services and maybe have some fun along the way.

If you write from your heart and let your passion shine through, your blog and your business will grow.

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