I am often asked what certain colors “mean.”  Or, what kind of emotional reaction do people experience when they see certain colors?  Personally I use colors and color combinations that I like so I could not be objective in answering these questions, therefore I did my research.

I purchased several books on color usage, for print and for the web.  One book that caught my attention put colors into “emotional categories.”  It is called Color Harmony by Cailin Boyle.  I have pulled a few examples from this book to share with you how various color combinations have been classified into these emotions.  Here are just a few I felt were right on!  I would love to hear your feedback.

Bottom line… I think colors are a personal preference that each person associates with their own likes or dislikes.

Oh, there is a “Color Story” I have to share.  One St. Patrick’s Day my Mother-in-Law had a great idea and made scrambled eggs with green food coloring.  Now, scrambled eggs were a really big treat in a family with 12 kids.  However, not one kid touched these “green eggs.”  No matter how many times she read Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, the entire batch went in the trash!  So, what did we learn about color… that green conjures up rotten, unappetizing eggs!

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