What’s working and what’s not

I don’t see how any professional marketing firm can offer you services without measurements. Yet I hear it all the time: “$30,000 on a new website, and I didn’t get more business!” Really? In the world of on-line analytics, the amount of data available is overwhelming.

Working really hard, but not getting results?

Are you measuring the right things?

Almost every business can measure their sales. That’s a good start. My job is to make sure we are measuring the areas where you are spending marketing dollars and don’t even realize it. Also we study what to deduce from the results of these measurements.

Website analytics – Almost everything in a website can be tracked, traced and measured. Google analytics is automatically put on every website we develop. Reviewing the available statistics, finding trends, and making recommendations based on tangible information is the only way we like to work. Otherwise you’re just dealing with opinions.

Phone tracking numbers – This is a very easy thing to measure, but not often used. Yes, people still use the phone!

Effective landing pages  – Creating a landing page is intended to convert your website visitors into qualified leads. This is achieved by asking people to subscribe to your company newsletter, or to download a white paper, eBook or free trial. Targeted landing pages on your website that offer content directed specifically to your target audience is where you need to begin. Don’t overlook this valuable, measurable tool on your site.

I have over 30 years of experience in analyzing and digesting marketing measurements and ROI. I’ve developed very successful programs and scrapped unproductive ones. And, although the data has changed over the years, the goal is always to create a positive impact on the bottom line.

Pat Walsh

Marketing Orchestrator | Pulling Sales & Marketing Resources into Alignment | ROI Measurements
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Peggie Walsh

Creative Director, Business Owner, Contributing Writer at The Huffington Post
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