With so many “Do-It-Yourself” tools online, we are seeing a trend in small entrepreneurs doing just that. Yes, they can get cheap business cards, cheap logos, web sites, branding on their mugs, shirts…whatever. It does serve a purpose in the short term.

   There is a wealth of knowledge on line. For example, I had an annoying stomach ache all weekend, I went to the web (Web MD) and diagnosed myself with appendicitis…I called my doctor, explained my symptoms and he sent me to the Emergency Room.  Within hours a surgeon safely remove my appendix…not that I couldn’t have.  I am sure I could have found the instructions on the web…but why?

   Yes, the Web has wonderful tools, information, and services. But to get an in-depth, fact-to-face marketing evaluation, about your company with your unique situation, go to a professional. You do your job; you’ll probably make more money and let the professionals do their job.

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