I really do love logos, as corny as the logo is to the right. I have loved logos since long before I ever became a designer. Do you remember shopping with Mom as a kid and seeing the logo of your favorite candy bar or cereal? It could conjure up all kinds of emotions… now that is power.

I believe that is what a logo is supposed to do – evoke an instant image in your mind about the company it represents.

Prior to starting a logo project, we ask our clients to brainstorm on a “word-association” list. For example, if you want to be known as the most cost effective bargain brand out there, we will not create a high end, sophisticated logo. Target should not be confused with Tiffanys!

Follow this link to an article that talks about different trends in logos. It is lengthy, but it groups logos into various clever visual themes such as, Cubist, Spores, Ghosts, Tendrils, etc. While we don’t have our logos broken down into clever themes such as these, we tend to try out various shapes, sizes, and appearances.

We recently designed a series of logos for a client, Griff Paper & Film. The client, like many others, maintains separate corporate divisions, yet we wanted a consistent visual identity throughout.

If we can help you narrow down a logo for your company, or if you want a new look, we can help. Give us a call at 215-491-3448.

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