So, it’s summer. My two nephews ask if they can help in the garden. Sure, I’ll be the generous uncle, get some badly needed help, and give them a few dollars to put towards college. We decide to work on a particular Saturday at 10 AM. But, I ask, “Check in with me on Thursday to make sure we’re on; it’s not going to rain, etc.”

Thursday morning comes. I send out an email to both of them. “Hey, weather looks good; let me know if we’re still on.” No response. I send out an email Friday morning. “Hey guys, I need to know if you’re coming.” Nothing. Not a peep. I’m feeling like I’m getting the brush off. Friday night around 9PM I send a text, “Are you coming tomorrow?” Within 3 minutes I get a response, “Yup.”

Email is my generation. Text is their medium. They don’t check their email. They text everything. I realize every parent already knows that. But I don’t have kids. Lesson learned. Know how your target audience communicates. Then be sure to meet them where they live.

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