We all love a good joke or story. Think about all “forwards” you get during any given week. How many do you pass on to your coworkers and friends?

Sometimes humor can get an idea across faster then a lengthy narrative. Here is a cartoon we recently created. The concept is for a webinar. The topic is about the unnecessary added costs to your pharmacy benefit plan, and how you can get control and reduce these costs. 

The cartoonist, Pat Achilles, has worked with us for years, actually as long as we’ve been in business. Here are the first caricatures she did of Pat and me when we first started in the 80’s. Notice, I’m still on the drawing board, rubber cement and all. Pat has an electric typewriter…do they even make them anymore??


It is great to work directly with such a talent. If you subscribe to her email, she will send you a weekly cartoon. Also, check out her line of greeting cards.


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