During a seminar I attended yesterday, the speaker threw out some statistics about how often companies were updating their websites.  Based on a survey of 300 companies, 1/3 of which were marketing agencies, most companies are updating every 2-3 years.   However, over 60% of marketing companies had updated their website in the last 4-12 months.   Why the difference? 

One can only guess!   The bigger question is why should you care what other companies are doing with their website?  If your website is delivering results, then you don’t need to redesign.  However, if your website is not delivering results, then it’s time to take a look.  Maybe just small, constant improvements would work.  Add testimonials.  Or a video that explains how you can add value.  

The bottom line “when” should you redesign – is based on the success of the website.   You have to have measurements in place to do that.   I have done website measurements for 15 years.  If you need some tips (for example Google Analytics is free), just let me know.

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