Adapted from an article by Seth Godin

Somewhere along the way meetings changed into events where we wait for someone to take responsiblity (while everyone else dives for cover). To quote Al Pittampalli, “Why bother going to a meeting if you’re not prepared to change your mind?” To which [Seth] adds, “Don’t bother having a meeting if you’re not there to change your mind or make a decision right now.”

When a building is burning down, firemen coordinate their actions, make decisions, and save lives.  They do it without Aeron desk chairs or Dunkin Donuts.  They do it without subcommittees, McKinsey studies or input from the boss in another city.

How would you do it differently if the building were burning down? (End of article)

I loved this because it explains WHY meetings DON’T work.  Why you need to have a facilitator to keep you focused, action-oriented – someone to help you get into the burning building and put out the fire.  Not just sit around with the usual … let-someone-else-handle-it-or-let-it-burn-I-can’t-do-anything… attitude.

When a meeting has guidelines, objectives and goals with accountability, fires can be put out.  Once the action is done, much like the fireman, action/creativity/movement becomes spontaneous.

For your next meeting try a different approach; try The Walsh Group approach to a more successful, action-oriented, measured results meeting.

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