Part 2 – The DO’s:

Now I will give you some of the Do’s that will give you effective results in your next email campaign.

  1. Include an offer in your subject line- NOT ALL CAPS
  2. If you mention “Facebook” in your subject line there is a 32% higher open rate (don’t know the source for this one)
  3. If all your links go to the same page, the conversion rate is 48% higher
  4. In the body text, use “you” and “your” instead of “our” and “we.”
  5. Put the “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” at the top if possible.
  6. Make it easy to opt out.  One click, and when they do…honor that request.
  7. Make it easy to “Forward to a Friend” – You WANT them to do this- it is equivalent to LIKE on Facebook or BOOKMARK on the Web
  8. State your Privacy Policy regarding useage of their email their ability to unsubscribe at any time.
  9. TEST – If you have an offer, do an A/B test and measure the results
  10.  Find your “Tuesday” – You may or may not have heard that Tuesdays were the best time to send Enewsletters.  That was true, but too many people got wind of it…now you need to think about your target audience and find your “Tuesday!

Search and you will find!

People will give you their success stories for every subject!  Just Google it!  You can find “Best Practices” for everything.  The best practice for you is what works for you. What you can accomplish.  What you can measure.  So you can take everything I just wrote and flush it!  Or you can test some of it.  But DO SOMETHING.  Make a statement, express your opinion, and get your message out the best way you know how.

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