Good time for marketing

Last week, picked up a magazine from the conference room to read while I was having lunch. The first line of the first article read:

“ While debate rages over whether or not we are at the tail-end of a recession, one of the most sobering financial indicators is the dramatic increase in business failures. “

Oh no, I thought, I can’t get away from “bad news,” and this was a design publication. Then I read…

“ According to D&B, business failures increased by 47% in 1991… “

Wait a minute…I looked at the date January 1991… Wow, besides the old phrase “History Repeating Itself”… I should really learn to clean off my shelves in my conference room!

So what have we learned from the “recession of 1991”… we’ll get through it.  So much has changed as far as technology in 20 years, but the concept of marketing is fairly steadfast. You cannot sit back and wait. You need to be proactive in your communications. Because, when the recession turns around, you cannot afford to “back-peddle” to get your message out there.  Your prospects need to know you‘re still around, alive and kicking, active in providing new products and service.

Wait, that sounds familiar…oh yea, I think I said it back in the 1990’s…wow “Déjà vu!

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