Colors aren’t as clear-cut as words, but there is a loose meaning for most.  And while color usage isn’t an exact science, be conscious of the message you want to convey and how you want customers to perceive your services and products.


  • Blue-based reds (such as raspberry red) are associated with more expensive products.
  • Yellow-based reds (like tomato red, which is imagined as less expensive) if you’re looking to downplay a high price.
  • Use orange to play up affordability.
  • Yellow is the first color the eye sees, and when used with dark colors for contrast becomes more powerful and easily read.
  • Choose green to convey possibility and hope.
  • Blue connotes confidence and safety.
  • Purple is especially hot right now, but it’s typically used with high fashion, sports teams or sweet treats.
  • Black conveys a strong sense of power, promise and the ability for high contrasts.  Add sheen to matte to black, and it becomes more powerful.
  • White implies sophistication and formality – but also a high-end price point.

(Source: Color Communications, Inc.)

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