Do you remember Day-Glo colors? Very reminiscent of the 60’s.  What about avocado appliances…they will date your kitchen back to the 70’s. And then comes the 1980’s with the subtle gray and burgundy, the colors of our first corporate branding. However back then it was just called letterhead and business card.  Teal was in vogue in the 90’s, along with a color called celery. 

With the 21st century no real color trends come to mind. I actually did some research, in an article written October 2000 “ColorMatters©” they seemed to agree: “The turn of the millennium has intensified the quest for a color or colors to mark this momentous point in time. In the meantime, everyone is already trying to pinpoint the next hot new color. . . All things considered, color trends are a complex issue, one which is not easily defined by simple color predictions.”

Now, at the end of the decade, no color trend or combination of colors have really defined the aught years of 2000.
  So now they start again, trying to predict what will be the trendy colors for the fall of 2011 The fashion industry takes it season by season, I guess if they really bomb, they can launch new spring colors without care. If they are right, they will take what sticks, add to it and create a new revised palette. The colors that are popular, the ones that do stick, tend to become the trends…in everything. You’ll see everything from tee shirts to towels, coats to cars, and even wash cloths to washers.  Why don’t you vote for your favorite color? Also you’ll see the results of what others selected. And then wait and watch for these colors to show up in the local stores!

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