When I first started in business I remember this expression. Like “Famous Quotes,” my last blog, it stuck with me – why? Because it still applies. When someone does a cheap/fast job or as we refer to it, as a “quick and dirty job,” quality is not necessarily expected. Likewise, if you do pay a cheaper price on a quality job – you wait for it!

A very talented photo re-toucher, (this was prior to computers and Photoshop) told us, “You’ll get your job when I feel like it.” We were appalled! What? His response: “I’m giving you a good price, the client can wait. Nobody else can do a better job for the price.” He was right. The quality was fabulous; as was the price.

Now for the fast and good. What is referred to as a “rush job.” But don’t skimp on quality. There is usually a premium paid for this type of quality plus service. That’s why we have “Overnight delivery,” and “Next-Day Air;” “Put a rush charge on it,” and so on. It has become a norm of sorts. Why? As it has been explained to me: “Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.” Yeah, another quote! Probably by every organized person.

Getting back to the three choices: cheap, fast, or good – think about it. What are you “taking to market?” Are you setting your client’s expectations? Don’t charge me Neiman Marcus pricing and give me Kmart quality!

I’m just saying. Pick any two.

Good & Cheap – We can do good for cheap, but it’s not going to get done fast.

Fast & Good – We understand the rush and we will do a great job, but it’s not going to be cheap.

Cheap & Fast – Although we dislike this one we understand it is needed at times. We would rather do it good.

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