The purpose of a business blog is to gain trust and demonstrate expertise, so you’ll increase your sales. To do that, you need to decide what your blog is going to be about. The best option is to choose something you’re passionate about that’s related to your business.

When you blog about something related to your business that you’re interested in and know well, you tend to write well, which means people will wait anxiously for your next post. To help you out, here are the first six of 12 ideas that will attract customers as well as get them to trust you enough to invest in your products or services. I’ll post six more later this week.

Ideas for Topics That Will Lead to a Consistent Flow of Traffic

1. How-To Guides

Everyone loves to learn, and the best people to learn from are those who’ve had more experience. With that in mind, if you sell products, your business blog could offer information such as how to select a digital camera, how to select your next computer, best baby shower (or other occasion) gifts, home decorating tips, carpet cleaning tips, the best storage bins or cleaning supplies… You get the point, helpful information related to your business that your customer would find interesting.

Maybe you offer an insurance product. No problem, write about the new insurance regulations as well as guides on selecting car insurance, and posts that explain the types of insurance in terms your readers will understand. Yes, like to tort or not to tort… what does that really mean?

2. Tutorials

This topic is great for computer software and web design businesses. If you sell software, you can write tutorials with screenshots that show new and current customers how to use the software. For those of you who provide web design services, your tutorials could include advice on designing and/or marketing websites.

An alternative to writing the tutorials would be to offer videos and PowerPoint presentations. These are perfect, and you’re readers are sure to love them! To learn more about these, Daniela Munca offers some helpful hints on putting together a successful presentation.

3. Successes and Failures

Consider sharing some of your business’s successes and failures. Tell your readers what you did to reach success. If you failed at something, mention what it was you failed at, and then state what you did wrong and what you learned from that mistake. Yes, it takes courage to publicly admit a business mistake, but you’re customers and readers will admire you for your bravery.

4. Reviews and Interviews

Write reviews on books and/or products related to your business. You can also interview others in your industry. Interview questions could include how they got to where they are today, what they’ve done that helped them get there, what they’ve learned over the years and etc.

5. Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Invite your customers and blog readers to send you questions. Then each week or month, post their questions along with your answers. This is a terrific way to interact with your customers and readers.

6. Contests

Every so often you could give away one of your products or a product related to your business that’s from another company. Everyone loves freebies, and contests can be fun for you, your customers and your readers.

These six tips can get you to thinking about a direction you may want to take with your business blog. I’ll provide six more ideas in my next post, be sure to check back.

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